Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Up and down

The gym is a hell of a lot harder than it seems! I still leave every session feeling like I should have worked harder and am a lard arse though. Which sucks. I thought exercise was meant to make you feel good? My boyfriend has shown me how to use weights, so I'm going to start working my arms. I want rid of my bingo wings and to tone my biceps more!

I have been eating like a horse recently, I blame my period. I always seem to be indescribably hungry when I'm on it, and nothing fills me up - not even water. If I bulk drink water, I just end up feeling sick but still hungry. Retarded.

Revision for my exam isn't going well. I'm sorry guys, I'll update properly on Saturday morning after my exam is done and the post exam drinking session is over. Peace out.

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  1. Hey!

    I also feel like I could have done better and a lard arse after working out! Weights are an excellent idea! Best of luck for your exams. <3. XXX.