Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Bad Merla :o This might be long and boring...

In my defence, I've been really busy over the last few weeks with my 21st, exams, finishing first year of uni etc. and finishing cheerleading for the season (random note related to that coming up later). The last post was, unsurprisingly, not put into action. Bad me on all accounts. One for posting it, two for even considering it. Food is essential, right? That's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Cheerleading random note - I think I've injured my wrist quite considerably. I think I did it at gymnastics actually, as it didn't hurt on Sunday when we had our mess around session (which was AWESOME - 3 tier pyramids, helicopter stunts, swings and single basing were the order of the day!) but when I swivel it, if you get what I mean, it really hurts down the back on my thumb to the bottom of my wrist. Intriguing. Trying to do a crab/kick over off my couch last night probably didn't help... Another random thing is, that hopefully I'm going to be designing the new webpage for my squad! Currently our webpage is this: http://www.myfyrwyrbangor.com/cheerleaders/bangor.html
Once I've got the passwords etc. to change it, I'll be on that! If not then I'll probably make it on a freewebs site and redact people over.

My 21st was awesome :) Came home Wednesday after my final exam (which went REALLY well!) and had a lovely evening with my family and BF, then Thursday I had a small lie in and opened my presents with a lovely cup of tea. I got, amongst other things, lots of cake decorating stuff, some DVDs, some clothes, a couple of recipe books and a place on a cake decorating course! It's only 3 days but we're going to go (my Mum is coming with as she likes crafty things too) and learn how to do basic flowers, like lilies, honeysuckle and roses. It's the initial entry course that allows you to do other more complicated sugarcraft courses :D And I am excited! Just hoping that work don't screw me over, though tbh I'm also hoping to be in a different job by then, as it's at the end of June. We spent the day walking around an aircraft museum which was great fun, and had a lovely meal out in the evening. Friday night I went out with my friends and got merry :p and then Sunday we had a family party. So it's been quite busy!

Still have nowhere to live next year for uni. It's quite frustrating - 90% of people who are advertising flats just don't bother replying to me. The trouble with my uni town is that there's not a large amount of good reliable student estate agents, it's a lot of private landlords so there's no real 'home' for all the houses or even somewhere you can search for them. A gap in the market maybe?

I really need to start exercising - I'm going to go even flobbier if I just stay inactive this summer! Looking at the pictures from my night out on Friday it looks like I've gained about a stone... Sigh. I would love to join a gym but the problem is there's only two in my town and one is massively expensive and the other is the gym my ex frequents and is tiny so there's a lot of potential for embarrassing run ins, besides, I have very little wish to see him again any time soon (another reason I need a new job before July!). I might try the couch to 5k/10k running program (even though I hate running and it hurts my legs!) as I can't swim any more :( I like riding my bike but it doesn't feel like exercise even when I ride it for hours? I was going to learn gymnastics this summer but it's expensive and again the job problem crops up again. I'll figure something out.

I know this might not interest you all but I'm going to start a new baking blog, and hot link it off of this one. You don't have to read it, it'll be a lot like this blog - rambling and largely uninteresting! But it's somewhere I can keep track of a) recipes I've made and b) recipes I want to make. I'll link it in another post when it's made!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Life sucks.

Fuck it. I'm not eating anything else any more and I don't give a shit about the consequences.