Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The 'back on track' starts tomorrow!

Not really got a decent title for this one! I'm just going to type out my stream of conciousness. It's probably going to be long and rather boring, I'm afraid, but I promise some lovely thinspo at the end!

Today started rather badly. I was meant to be up before 8am so I could phone the doctors and get an appointment but I slept in til midday. I went down town with my boyfriend and got some lunch (2 fried eggs and 3 hash browns), a few DVDs and my favourite thing of the day; a paint by numbers kit! I'm hoping that it'll be a nice distraction when I'm feeling down and will stop me from binging/self harming/planning my suicide (never a good thing >.<) AND IT HAS KITTENS ON. OMFG. Yeah. I'm so damn cool! And my lovely friend informed me that her step dad isn't doing so well (see previous post) :( so a little bit of worry and hectic running around there to sort some things out for her. It's the least I can do.

Anyway... I ate tortillas for dinner (2 Quorn breasts, 94cal, 3 tortillas, 300 cal, cheese and sauce about 100 cal) so I'm pretty happy that I haven't gone much over 1000 cal today, and I burned off a fair amount with shopping and tidying my room. Very happy to have a tidy room! I think I'm going to drag my BF out in a bit for a late night walk as I'm feeling a bit heavy from dinner - we didn't eat until late. I'm craving a bowl of porridge like a bitch... I might have to have one! I've done a lot of my painting by numbers though and I'm watching another episode of ANTM atm so it should stave me off. I have Quaker Oats, prepackaged, and only 120 calories per bowl if made with water - awesome! Technically I could 'afford' some - I'm only trying to stay under 1200 calories - but I dunno if it's worth giving into the temptation?

And the best news of today, I have joined the gym! My induction is tomorrow at quarter past 8 in the evening, it takes about 30 minutes then I get a 'free' session in the gym, so I'll probably be there until it closes at 10 :D Going to just start slow with 30 minutes on the treadmill and 20 on the bike, then in a few weeks I'll take it up to 45 minutes on the treadmill, 30 on bike and some more weight/toning style exercises. I'm aiming to be able to walk up 'Bitch hill' (a very, very steep hill in my uni town) without being out of breath by the summer, lose some weight and lose some inches so I look good in my cheerleading outfit and summer clothes!

Another random thing is that I love lava lamps. No, I just love lighting! I bought some fairy lights in the sale after christmas and have stuck them around my shelves and I got given a lava lamp for christmas... I can sit here for ages just watching it. It's so pretty.

I have an exam next Friday that I haven't revised for yet, and didn't go to any of the lectures for so I'm a bit stressed by that :( But tomorrow I plan to go to the doctors, do my washing and get a decent start on revision. That means going to bed early tonight!

Now, here's your thinspo that you so deserve! :) Today, it's all from

(I seriously want this... everything! Stunning!)

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  1. Awesome thinspo! I love lookbook.

    And congrats on the intake and the gym... you're gonna reach your goals in no time! :)