Thursday, 13 January 2011


(Sorry, it starts intake/output heavy!)
1 hour in the gym...
40 minutes running - 270 calories burnt.
20 minutes cross trainer - 200 calories burnt.
Induction, 5 minute play on the bike and 10 minutes on the runner - 30 calories burnt.
Total 500 calories!

Intake for today:
1 small slice of cheese on toast
1 bowl of Quaker oats (golden syrup flavour, made with water)
2 Quorn fillets, fried with a red pepper, noodles, soy sauce and bean sprouts
1 rice cake
Total - 850 calories

Net total - 350 calories

Sweeeeeeeeeet! Can't decide whether to have a light snack or not now, lol!

I'm shattered now, and sweating like a pig, lol. Gonna hop in the shower and go for a walk with the boy but first some thinspo, today we're going to stay with fitness and go for some 'fitspo',

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