Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New beginnings

New year right? A bit late but it's ok.

I've started training for a 5k run, using the couch to 5k program. Did my first run last night and I enjoyed it, but got a bit bored running around and around a football pitch... so tomorrow night I think I might go run somewhere else. Trouble is I'm trying to keep it relatively flat to begin with (once I've done all the 9 weeks I plan to do it again but using a very hilly route) and living in North Wales, this is difficult. To put it into context - I live at the bottom of a hill. To the right of my house, is another hill. Behind my house, is a third hill. It's kinda in a valley I guess. But running straight along the main roads leads to... yes... another hill. Random brainwave... I could run along the main road to where it starts to climb, turn around and run back the rest of the way. Following the commands ofc. Yeah, that'll do.

Had one exam yesterday, which went ok I think considering it's a module I have been in 4 out of 12 lectures. We had 4 short answer questions (SAQs), and two of them I smashed through and am relatively happy with - the first one I mucked up a little and it's really annoying me but the second one was spot on I reckon. Even threw in a little bit of extra at the end to make it look like I'd done loads of reading ;) The other two SAQs were from the hardest lectures I've ever seen and so I knew that I wouldn't do massively well at them, but I made a guess and I think I might have picked up a point or two here and there in them. The multiple choice (MCQs) section wasn't too bad, some 'could be this, could be that' questions but on the whole I think I got about half right. Which leads me with some hope of passing, yay! If I don't pass it, I think I have to retake it in June... PITA.

Tomorrow I have a stats final, not looking forward to that but it should be one of the easier exams as we're allowed a crib sheet and she's given us 10 of the 50 MCQs beforehand. So I'm not massively worried about that.

However on Thursday I have a 2 hour neurobiology exam and I am shitting it. I'll have roughly 24 hours to learn and revise 12 hours worth of content; doesn't sound much but this stuff is so so complicated to understand. It's both MCQ and SAQ, and I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Next Thursday is my last final, in social psychology, which I'm currently averaging a low A-/A in; and the module I'm most confident in. So much so that I'm planning to do most of my revision on Saturday and then I'm off to my boyfriends until Wednesday evening. I have to plan an essay for it which will take me a day I reckon, and then learn the plan, and then make sure I know all the content. Shouldn't be too hard.

Food wise has been a bit ridiculous recently. Yesterday's out put for MFP:

Your Daily Goal1,4541994854
*You've earned 254 extra calories from exercise today

Today is still unknown, I'm at about 600 with dinner still left to eat and I'm a bit worried. I don't know. It feels recently that this whole thing has got a tighter grip on me than it ever has before. Maybe it's the stress? Idk. No time for exercise today :(

Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy new year, may it bring you happiness, wealth, love, beauty and most importantly of all, peace :)

Comment replies:
Beth, Princess, my Christmas was surprisingly wonderful. I say surprisingly as it was the first year that we didn't do the traditions with my sister staying at her fiancĂ©'s for Christmas morning. However, it was still lovely. I hope yours was similar :)

Happiness; the temptation to just squirrel all my money away is winning out I think... Plus my parents have promised me one for my birthday in May :D