Friday, 21 October 2011


ABC diet is... ok. I'm kinda picking and choosing what days I do and what days I don't - I can't really fast atm because of cheer and gymnastics. Thought I was going to die this morning traipsing up the hills to uni, was so pleased when I go to class and my TA produced a packet of cookies; I honestly think I would've just died if I hadn't eaten something. Especially as I'm very sleep deprived right now. No more than 5 hours a night :(

Did a sneaky weigh in this morning. 137.6lbs. YAY! Then I thought, wait, I like to double check with another measurement, preferably in a different scale, y'know? So hopped back on with the scales set to kilos and I weighed in at... 66.6kgs. That's 146lbs. Wait, what?!

So I'm gonna have to weigh again about three times tomorrow. Bleh. Not good, given that today I've eaten lots of biscuits and my dinner was a lovely carb filled noodles and toast...

Still can't find  my camera USB port thing so no pictures yet, still taking them for you all though so when I get it I'll post them :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

ABC post 1

Starting weight: 146.6lbs
Goal weight (next week): 143lbs

Food for today:
Breakfast - Cheerios and semi skimmed milk, green tea = 150cals
Lunch - Small apple, two slices of seeded bread toast = 200 cals
Dinner - Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot shreds, beetroot, half slice of cheese, whatever else I can find in the fridge) = 100 cals
Snacks - Hot chocolate = 40 cals
Total = 490 cals

Water target - 1.5litres

Will report back on how I do :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Starting ABC tomorrow...

Day 1: 500 calories (or less)
Day 2: 500 calories (or less)
Day 3: 300 calories
Day 4: 400 calories
Day 5: 100 calories
Day 6: 200
Day 7: 300 calories
Day 8: 400 calories
Day 9: 500 calories
Day 10: FAST
Day 11: 150 calories
Day 12: 200 calories
Day 13: 400 calories
Day 14: 350 calories
Day 15: 250 calories
Day 16: 200 calories
Day 17: FAST
Day 18: 200 calories
Day 19: 100 calories
Day 20: FAST
Day 21: 300 calories
Day 22: 250 calories
Day 23: 200 calories
Day 24: 150 calories
Day 25: 100 calories
Day 26: 50
Day 27: 100 calories
Day 28: 200 calories
Day 29: 200 calories
Day 30: 300 calories
Day 31: 800 calories
Day 32: FAST
Day 33: 250 calories
Day 34: 350 calories
Day 35: 450 calories
Day 36: FAST
Day 37: 500 calories
Day 38: 450 calories
Day 39: 400 calories
Day 40: 350 calories
Day 41: 300 calories
Day 42: 250 calories
Day 43: 200 calories
Day 44: 200 calories
Day 45: 250 calories
Day 46: 200 calories
Day 47: 300 calories
Day 48: 200 calories
Day 49: 150 calories
Day 50: FAST 

I know it's not the most healthy or sensible diet but I desperately need a kick start to get myself on track. These last 10 days have just been horrendous, binging every day, not exercising and half the time not even going to lectures or getting out of bed until 3pm. Not been to cheerleading or exercised since... the 5th. Fuck me. No wonder I'm fat... 

- Weigh in/measure self only on Mondays
- Any extra cals must be burnt off with cardio
- Minimum of 40 minutes exercise a day
- Minimum of 1.5 litres of water drunk each day
- Post a picture to record progress every Monday as well

I'm determined to do this! 

Friday, 7 October 2011


Leave a comment with your tumblrs so I can follow?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Old Thinspo III

Some nice reverse thinspo for ya...

Not everyone's cup of tea, and a little tongue in cheek...

Hehe belly button.

Top is 2 sizes too small for me - bought it for £2. One day I will post a picture where it looks GREAT on me. One day. I'll be wearing the size 12 jeans that I bought ages ago as well....

Saturday, 1 October 2011

I'm sorry

For being such a bad blogger. Truth is there's so much in my life right now I don't have time to blog here...

Currently I'm in lectures 15 hours a week, cheerleading 7 hours a week, gymnastics and swimming 6 hours, walking for at least two hours a day, planning and setting up extracurriculars for about 10 hours a week and sleeping a solid 9 hours every night. In my free time now I either eat (minimally) or am trying to do uni work. Or make some money. I have a few experiments (not as bad as they sound!) lined up that pay so I'm doing them a lot, as well as the ones I need to do for my course credit.

I've applied for a job manning phone lines calling alumni at the end of the month and a job mentoring pupils in the local high schools to try and keep them in education (should be interesting...). One is paid (the phone line) the other isn't but is great work experience and a chance to show that I am passionate about education, psychology and making up for my past mistakes.

I'm also trying to clean up my cheer squads website, which admittedly is nearly finished, just needs the last bits on it. Just haven't had the time/will to battle with HTML.

New flatmates moved in today; three Chinese guys and one Chinese girl. First impressions are good but still a little wary and anxious. :/

This week was the first week of lectures, and was largely introductory/slow ones. Apart from one - psychobiology. You know when you're on a rollercoaster that starts out slow and then gets really really fast and you lose track of where you are and what you're doing? It's still fun but a little WTF. Yeah, got about an hour into that two hour lecture and she just lost me completely. I was doing fine and then BAM it's gone. God damn it. So I've got to spend at least an hour today going over that stuff... Because I am determined to get over 65% in my modules this year. I wouldn't tell anyone else that (I've told them I'm aiming for a 2:2 - 55% - so if I get it I won't be disappointed) though.

Plus my room is an absolute TIP. So today... Tidy room, spend an hour going over lecture notes, wander into town. Plan.

I still need to do the last few posts of thinspo from my old computer.