Friday, 14 January 2011

Oh drugs, how I love thee.

My head is all fuzzy and horrible today, must be the dose increase. I'm getting some pretty bad paranoia feelings as well, spent a good hour last night debating whether or not the university was plotting to kill me in my sleep by way of poisoning the air coming out of my heater :/ Eurgh. And wow. Just an afterthought but these things seriously zombie me out... Before I took my pills this evening, I was going on fine with my revision, getting it all sorted, and now I'm just staring into space.

Getting some revision done today, not done too badly, got one lecture sorted, only 11 to go by 9am next Friday! Eeek. Oh well.

Today I've eaten a small baked potato with coleslaw on, a pepper stuffed with couscous and feta cheese and drank a skinny iced vanilla latte (small) from Costa. Not sure if I'll eat again tonight.

Having a bit of a pregnancy scare atm. I've done a test (on Wednesday) which came up negative, but I still haven't got my period - over a week late now. Feeling a bit paranoid about that too.

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