Thursday, 28 July 2011

So unfit

I went swimming today for the first time in ages. To begin with, I stood in the changing room thinking 'Do I really want to go out there with a nearly naked body, given that I'm flabby and scarred?' but eventually I pushed myself and got out there. Not much to some but given that last time I went swimming, I was smaller, more toned and only had a few scars that you could only really see if you were right up close it was a big step.

Anyway, I got in. And man, it was cold! Lovely on my sunburnt back though. Took a few minutes to just enjoy the water on my skin again - I love swimming, it's always my exercise of choice. I managed about two lengths until I started spluttering and dying. In the end after 20 minutes of pure hell I gave up and resigned myself to a life of fatness and coronary heart disease.

So I went to a pub, drank a shit load, ate nachos and came home feeling fat.

I'm currently wrestling with the code for my cheerleading squads new webpage. Why did I volunteer for this again?!

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