Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lookbook and some uni news...

I made an account... here. Doubt I'll ever post anything because a) I have no fashion sense, b) I'm 30lbs heavier than every other girl on there and c) I don't spend much money on clothes nowadays. Maybe it's the vodka talking there!

Me and Andy keep fighting. Last night we had a blazing row and all manner of names were slung around, he called me (amongst other things) a 'heartbreaker, a selfish slag, a bitch and a r***rd (I know some people hate that word!)'. Mind you, I did go for the classic weakest point solution and told him he was a waste of space and he'd never do anything with his life. Turns out he'd spent the day in a bit of a depression worrying that he was going to be stuck in a crap job for the rest of his life. My bad. Unfortunately I have an uncanny ability to go for someone's deepest fears and regrets.

Must stop eating. My weight has stayed around 142lbs but I spend a lot of time eating junk atm. Today was half a Pizza Hut pizza, super noodles, chocolate, cheese, now vodka... Bleurgh.

On the uni front, I have to write a 1500 word essay by the 20th of August and do two exams some time at the end of August. I still technically have nowhere to live, but I'm getting closer to having somewhere to live!


  1. im sure deep down he understands we all say things out of anger and he wouldnt bother fighting with you if he didnt care trust me. stay strong and focused just do what you have to do

  2. Sorry that you're getting in fights with Andy :(
    Try not to let any emotions you might be feeling from all that let food into your mouth. I know when i get upset I often eat!