Wednesday, 6 July 2011



Seems that spending three days eating very little with a stomach bug pays off. J/K :p

*Chants* "I will not pig out and put it on in a day again, I will not pig out and put it on in a day again"

I'm in an awesome mood (as I feel better, despite the fact that it came too late for me to go and see Hamlet tonight for FREE at the Globe :()

From here, no longer updated but has loads of lovely thinspo and reverse thinspo!


  1. lucky! one of my friend kept telling me she use to be fat but i never believed her until i went to her house and she was like see i was fat last yr cus she had the flu for almost 2 weeks and didnt eat much and lost a lot of weight! and i swear she was like 180 now shes like 120!

  2. YAYYYY!!! I'm so happy for you, girl!

    And I love that pic.

    But that is one messy-ass room. lmao

  3. Congrats on the weightloss hun!
    Cute thinspo :)