Monday, 4 July 2011

I hate having my plans messed with

I said to work yesterday that I could do a 9 - 6 tomorrow. No problem. Mid week, kids are still at school, Andy's at work, not a problem. They phoned me this morning and said I don't need to come in any more which is great because actually, it's Andy's day off tomorrow and we could do something! So I spent the day making plans, happy as anything, planned to have a few drinks tonight, wait for Andy, generally not worrying.

Got a phone call half an hour ago asking me back in tomorrow because they've made a mistake.


I don't wanna goooooo :*(


  1. Those BASTARDS!!! I hope they all get piles! Hope work goes quickly. I'm loving the blue layout, Merla! Very sophisticated! Love you. <3. XXX.

  2. They shouldn't make you do that! They messed up, it's not your responsibility to come in because of their screw up. I'd say to complain, but I'm sure you wanna keep your job too! >.<
    Sorry, that really stinks.