Sunday, 12 June 2011

I genuinely don't get this...

Random rant ahead XD

I watch various TV shows about weightloss... Supersize vs. Superskinny (<3), Biggest Loser, Heavy.

Biggest Loser irks me. I watch it, because lets face it, seeing people lose weight is a massive motivator for me. And it's a bit of reverse thinspo! Overall, it's a decent program. But what annoys me is it's so contradictory! We all know very well that weight loss and weight gain is a simple equation - calories vs. exercise. They spend a lot of time impressing that the contestants should be exercising more than they do (I think I heard the trainer shout '4 HOURS A DAY!' in one program, which seems mightily excessive!). They do challenges and 'temptations'. This is the bit I don't get.

Temptations consist of sticking a nice, tasty treat in front of the contestants and telling them that if they find immunity, they can't be voted off that week no matter if they've gained weight. It also normally involves the contestants having to eat the nice tasty treat - or ten of them. The episode I just watched had 100 cupcakes laid out in formation, with 4 cupcakes containing a sheet of paper with immunity on. That makes 25 to 1 odds that you'll find the paper. The contestants had to eat as many cupcakes as they could in the time allowed to try and find the immunity. None of them found it... One guy ate 11 cupcakes. Then after the challenge they went back to the flat, and the personal trainers came in and shouted at them! What?!

I'm just an angry person atm. Thinspo post coming up next :)


  1. What...the...heck?? That makes no sense whatesoever o.O So the make them eat a bunch of crap and then they gain weight and then they get in trouble...? Uh... okayyy I liked that show, but now I'm like...hmm thank God I don't watch it anymore XD

  2. lol, that is totally ridiculous! they were probably given that challenge to see if they really would eat the cupcakes whether or not they'd find the immunity. Maybe there really wasn't an immunity paper... maybe the immunity was if any of the contestants did NOT eat the cupcakes. idk. but that's weird.

    What is this Supersize vs Superskinny? I NEED TO SEE IT

  3. I do not understand how that is fair...or motivating for them...and then they suffer weight gain as well????? WTF.

    I just found your blog!! So happy that I did!! Looking forward to following, think thin girl, looking forward to some thinspo!!