Monday, 21 March 2011


Many thanks to CB for nominating me. <3 Luffs ya!

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1) I surround myself with things to give myself security. The difference between my room in halls and my boyfriends (old, now he's moved out) room was vast - we both have posters and post its up but I have a notice board full of letters, random notes, my bookcase is crammed with books I'll never even take off of it and DVDs I've only watched once but I still keep for 'just in case' days. I like the clutter but some days it drives me insane!

2) More so to this, I have far too many pairs of shoes. Here at uni, I have 18 pairs. Not including the 3 pairs that I was forced to throw out this weekend as they'd reached a state of total annihilation. They live in a box under my bed....

Out of all of these shoes, I only really wear the top line (boots, trainers, hiking boots, trainers) as the rest either rub my heels or have no grip left on the bottom. Back at home I have another 20+ pairs...

3) I love jewellery - necklaces in particular - and have a section on my noticeboard devoted to them, but I rarely wear them. 

My two most treasured items are jewellery. The first is a necklace I bought with money from my Grandads will when I was 14 and the second is the bracelet Andy gave me for Christmas. I hardly ever wear them as I'm so scared of losing or breaking them! Neither are worth a massive amount (<£150 each) but they've got huge sentimental value.

4) I moan a lot on here about how much I hate the stats part of my course but I find nothing more satisfying than knowing that I have xxx amount of reading to do and then just ploughing through it. It's what I'm meant to be doing at the moment actually... Oh well. 

5) I get distracted really easily and often forget to finish writing or send a text message... I've done this twice today. Poor Andy... He always gets messages late :p I just get so caught up in the moment that I forget to finish what I was doing in the first place! I'm the same with projects and things, I want to dive right in at the beginning when it's all new and exciting but then when it gets down to the hard work and I realise that my initial work was rushed and shoddy I get fed up and abandon it.

6) Sometimes I get hungry for a good old riot. I want to get drunk, go out and start smashing things. I don't drink for a number of reasons but this is one... Though I think I could probably do it without even getting drunk sometimes. Pressure just builds up and I need a release, you know? Scary.

7) I really, really, intensely dislike the number 7. It's like the girl that no-one wants at the party because she's a bitch and everything she says is a put down but no-one can uninvite her because if they do, she'll just verbally attack them for it and then uninvite them from the party. It's rude, callous and this rubs off on 8. 8's a bully too but only a side kick to 7, even though he's bigger and does the more physical bullying. Yep.

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  1. Hey!

    You're most welcome! I also surround myself with the things that bring me security. I think of my home as my burrow!

    I love your metallic butterfly sneakers and your jewellery!

    Number 7 is hilarious! <3. XXX.

  2. wow we're so much a like, especially "just in case" part lol great list x

  3. great facts, i love your jewelry btw

  4. also I nominated you!

  5. I love these!! We're very similar. :D I feel like if we hung out we would cause enormous amounts of mayhem. <3

  6. Ooh I'll do mine later on today. :) x