Friday, 25 March 2011

So here's the plan

Tomorrow I'm going to get up, hopefully about 10am, and shower, get changed and eat my breakfast. I'm going to meander down town about 12 o clock, pick up the shopping I need to get, and come home for about half past 1 at which point I'll eat my lunch. Then I'll get onto phoning some of the landlords around my university town and see whether there are any decent houses with one bedroom spare that I can move into next year. I want a house that is:
- In the upper part of town (ideally, though I'm willing to compromise),
- Cheaper than my 'old' house and my current accomodation, so less than £85 a week
- In a decent area, and in a decent state
- Ideally double bedded, if not then room for a queen bed
- Minimum of 1 bathroom per 3 people
- Not occupied by nutcases who call my boyfriend a 'fat ugly control freak wierdo' and me a slag

And then I'll get on with some work, maybe write some of my essay, eat my tea, tidy my room and list some things on Amazon. Then I'll watch some TV, do some washing and get a nice early night.

Ahhh, we'll see if it works out that way!

I've written up a meal plan for tomorrow and Sunday, so we'll also see if I can stick to it...


  1. All the best for your flat-hunt, Merla. May you find the perfect place soon. <3. XXX.

  2. There's one place that ticks all the boxes but it's over £120 a week including bills, just far too expensive :( But it's soooooooo amazing! Thank you my love x