Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Random dream musings

First off, I'm still in Manchester, heading back tomorrow :(

Secondly, I want this outfit, and this body; essentially I want to be her:
I think I'd change the shoes though? Mmm.

Thirdly... I've been thinking about my future a lot. Generally I flit from idea to idea, little fantasies that I'd love to do and be and never really settle on one. Eating disorders counsellor (most certainly OUT!), neuropsychologist, animal rescue owner, and the current one... cake shop owner. I'd love a little cake shop, selling cupcakes mainly, like a coffee shop but the main focus is cakes :)

I'd sell every kind - Rainbow cupcakes (maybe a low sugar version for kids/dieters?), rocky road cupcakes, plain cupcakes with beautiful icing, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, almond, orange and lemon... Everything. Do weddings (cupcakes only) and even mini-cakes for two or three people to share in store, over a cup of coffee. We have a lot of shops like that in London at the moment, it's very on trend however they're always tiny and only have two or three tables; I'd love to have one that could seat at least 20 people so that everyone could hang out there. We could sell cake decorating stuff or even have a few special days where we could sell un-iced vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and then people pay a little bit extra, but out on the tables we put icing bags and pots of decorations and people self decorate. 

I'm fed up waiting for my life to begin.


  1. That is an excellent idea, Merla! The last goodies you baked were such a hit, I can't see how you could go wrong! Everbody loves a cake shop and I just know yours would be a success!

    I know what you mean about waiting for your life to begin. As soon as you graduate, go grab the bull by the horns, Babe!

    Here's a little inspiration from a lady in my home town who's got a shop. She can't keep up with the demand! Hope you have a lovely day.! <3. XXX.


  2. Ooo I love your cake shop idea! It sounds AWESOME!

  3. Thank you CB :) Unfortunately it'd never work; the cake business is steady but not massive over here and my skills could never support it. Plus it'd be completely impossible to run the kind of shop I'd want as I'd have to be baking 24/7 - No frozen or old cakes in my shop thank you!

    Maybe one day I'll own a little cafe and make a few cakes for that on the side and see if it would work out. That lady makes amazing cakes!

  4. Sounds wonderful, Merla! I hope I'm lucky enough to visit your cafe one day. I'd break my diet for you, Babe! <3. XXX.