Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Making my own stuff

I'm on a proper little cookery binge atm!

Today I made butternut squash and potato soup (nommmm! so yummy, and it's literally just cooked veg and stock so no nasties!) and crab stick pasta salad, tomorrow I'm making bread and I plan on making cakes at the weekend! I love cooking :) It's so rewarding! I now have dinner and lunch prepared for the next two days, I'm picking up some sausages tomorrow to make a sausage casserole with :) I find the hardest meal of the day for me is breakfast as I wake up and feel so groggy and horrible I never want food.

Food intake today has not been too bad, no breakfast as I woke up late :o, but I had two chocolate fingers with a cup of tea (was going to have four - the RDA but I came to the last two and went 'NO!' :D), lunch was a mash potato snack pot thing, and dinner was a massive bowl of home made soup with two pitta bread. I'm soooo tempted though to go and get either more soup or a jacket potato!

Thinspo post coming up later tonight guys and girls :)

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