Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I seem to have garnered a burst of motivation and energy so I'm trying to take advantage of it and keep things moving.

Texted flatmate about moving out of the new house today, her reply was (honestly, this is straight from my phone) 'OK, I'll phone the landlord and tell XXX he can definitely have your room' - Nice to see she's been planning ahead, eh?! I've got a viewing for what seems to be a nice house tomorrow afternoon, I'll report back. I'm not going to rush into anything yet though, as I am not 100% certain what the deal is with my old house and getting my deposit back and I know for a fact that spare rooms come up all the time.

Got half my assignment done, I'm slaving over it atm as well! My reward for doing an hours solid work from now until quarter past 7 is to watch Cool Runnings... I have yet to see it and I hear people raving about it so I agreed.

Food wise I'm doing ok, it helps that I have no money and am going home on Thursday as it means I can't buy anything! Today I had a bowl of cheerios (1 cup, with half a cup of milk - next time it'll be quarter of a cup as it was too much milk), a lettuce and pepper salad with a mini pork pie and a bourbon and for tea a few spoons of cous cous and another pork pie. The cous cous was rank, which is why I didn't eat much of it! I'm debating whether or not to have something else later on. We'll see.

And exciting news... Yesterday at gymnastics there was a full stunt team, minus a flyer, so we took it in turns to fly. I can honestly say now that I no longer harbour dreams of being a flyer, I'm more than happy to keep my feet on the ground! It's so high up and so unstable!

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  1. Haha my views on being the flyer in gymnastics were the same!

    Cool Runnings is pretty cool. :)