Monday, 14 February 2011

This is driving me crazy

First off, happy V day!

Now, down to the nitty gritty.

My boyfriend and my hall mates really don't get along. We've been together since the start of November and we're totally in love - no doubts there.

Before he left uni, he never really saw eye to eye with my flatmates, he's quite protective of me and because of my passive nature sees that they tend to take me for granted a lot, which leads to tension when he tries to get involved and sort problems out which don't need sorting in my eyes! I've spoken to him about it and he's agreed not to get involved unless I ask him in the future. However my flatmates can't seem to let it go... 

There was another incident, a few weeks after we started going out, basically he cheated on me (not sexually) and I decided to give him another chance for many reasons - my flatmates seem to disagree with this though. Bearing in mind it happened last November. I've forgiven him, why can't they? When he stays here he now refuses to leave my room and I have to really coax him out. He refuses to come out with me and my flat; he refuses to have anything to do with them. I get really annoyed with him for this; whilst I love seeing him, if I disappear into my room for three days and don't come out to the communal areas I get bitched at by my flatmates! On the one hand I can see his point as they are absolutely rotten to him - they ignore him or make thinly veiled sarcastic comments. On the other I'm living with them for the next year, maybe two at least! I see a very long term relationship with this guy, I don't want them tearing us apart, or there to always be an atmosphere when he's around.

A couple of weeks ago at a party two of my flatmates were incredibly rude to him out of nowhere and came and had a go at me about how he responded. I pulled him to one side and he got annoyed and left; five minutes later they were all in my room telling me to dump him. I told them to leave me to think and when he came round afterwards we sorted it out by talking about it and thinking it all through - came to the conclusion that it was just them stirring. 

When  he walked into the kitchen today, only one person out of the 7 of us (besides me) acknowledged him. He's a proud guy so he won't admit it but I know that it hurts to be treated like that. 

What am I meant to do? I can't tell my flatmates to piss off, and I refuse to lose him over something so petty, but it's tearing us apart slowly but surely :(

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