Thursday, 17 February 2011

Enough of the negative!

Bloody hormones ;p

Here's a lovely thinspo post for you all as I can't sleep (flat arguments, more in the next post!). Oh and apparently my broken scales say that I'm 10stone dead now... Woo. The first thing my Dad said when I saw him at the weekend was 'you've lost weight...' - Shame I look and am heavier than normal, right?

I saw a girl walking around my uni town today who had legs skinnier than the girl immediately below. Too thin I think.... Beautiful though. Absolutely stunning, I couldn't take my eyes off of her!

Not really thinspo, but how I feel and why I continually lie through my teeth about all things weight/food related:

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Peace out x


  1. I love your thinspo. :)

    Hope things settle in the flat soon.


  2. Thanks for the thinspo! It's always so nice.

    Oh that's great you're dad noticed your weight loss, i always feel good when people say that.