Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I made this for my tea...

It's a breaded cod fillet and a salad, which had lettuce, beef tomato <3, cucumber, green pepper </3, feta, mini pickled beetroot, mixed seeds and mini pickled onions in. Served with apple cider vinegar and a splash of honey and mustard dressing (bad I know, but it's lush!). I make salads like this a lot; I always put the lettuce in first, then the cucumber, pepper and tomato, then the beetroots and onions, then (if I'm using it) the mushrooms or avocados, and finally the feta + seeds go on top before I drizzle the two dressings on. And then I toss it so it all gets mixed up anyway! It annoys me if things don't on in their specific order. I don't like green peppers in my salad - I only like frying/cooking them - but I had no red or orange ones left! I aim for as much colour as possible.

What annoys me equally as much is when my plate isn't orientated right, I can't tell you how it has to be as it changes for every dish but if it's not I'll sit there and spin the plate until it's correct... 

I also have to have my hair tied back and a glass of drink beside me before I start eating! The drink can't be hot like tea or coffee unless it's a really cold meal; I can't stand hot tea in my mouth and then hot food! I love the antithesis between hot food and cold drink. Normally I have water or squash, I don't drink milk with my main meals, but will if it's something sweet like a cake or a Pop Tart. I don't really care much for breakfast, though I did go through a three week phase during January where I had breakfast every morning and was making things like this:

Two perfectly boiled eggs on very (old) crispy pitta bread. The pittas weren't that good but the eggs were perfect! I can't eat eggs if they're hard boiled, the yolk *has* to be runny, and I'll even put up with a bit of runny white if it means the yolk is perfect. 

I rarely eat jacket potatoes anywhere other than at home because I only like them the way I make them. The skin has to crispy so it clashes with the hot and soft inside! I microwave mine until they're soft through and then cover them in oil and salt/herbs/worcester sauce/whatever and bang them in the oven for ten minutes. Perfection. 

And just done an hour in the gym, 450 calories off, todays total is 400 net! Yessss! 

Not really much of a point to this post, tbh!


  1. Your food looks amazing, can you cook for me please? Haha. I would love to cook things like that for myself! Maybe when I move out.

    I agree, the yolk *has* to be runny! It's gross when it's hard!

  2. Thank you :) Cooking is one of those things I find really easy - just experiment! Throw everything together and if it doesn't taste good, chalk it up to experience. xx