Tuesday, 8 February 2011

As promised

In the last post I promised I'd upload some pictures of myself.

So, here's a few of me in my cheer leading uniform, no proper pictures yet but there will be soon! Unfortunately it shows off my cellulite thighs something perfect but meh, I enjoy being a cheerleader so fuck it :) I went a little overboard with the pictures but I guess you guys might enjoy them!

Complete uniform pic coming when I have a decent one :)

Ignore the cheer smile! With my bow too (full comp outfit):

With the boy :):

Stuff for todays bake sale:

Cake I made for my flatmates birthday:

And the roses that my flatmate left outside my door yesterday! Aww! :) :

I used to have this on top of my shelf:

Lol! It's gone down a bit now... Well, I have one Rio and about 12 cans of coke left. I keep topping the coke up but you can only buy Rio in Costco, which you have to be a member of, so I have to wait until September to get my friend to buy me another crate! Sad times.

And finally, the salad I made yesterday, it was LUSH!


  1. you two look sooo cute together, i was like awww!
    cake looks great, so does your salad. wish someone would buy me flowers, hmph

  2. OMG, I could gobble you up! And your little uniform is awesome! Can't believe how young you look! Nice pic of you and the boy, such a cute couple!

    I would give my left nut (if I had one!) for a bit of that cake or a nibble on the little ones! EVILLL! Good job on the baking!

    Those roses are so beautiful! I love them and your salad is making my tummy rumble! Do you also like honey/mustard dressing?!

    Hope you are well. <3. XXX.

  3. Hehe, she only gave them to me because she had too many, but they're looking lovely on my window sill :) Ta!

    Aww, thanks CB, I'm 20 :O Can you believe?! Apparently my cakes flew off the stand - the only thing I could ask for. I love making cakes for others, makes me so happy to see them enjoying something I've made! Managed to not eat any myself, lol! But did have a cheeky bit of lemon drizzle which was <3 Yes, I love honey and mustard dressing, also love putting balsamic vinegar on :D Love salad!


  4. Awww I love your pictures! Like, a lot. Seriously. XD The cupcakes look amazing

  5. Sigh, 20, still just a baby! Looks good on you! I love baking for others too! Don't get me started on lemon drizzle cake! god hates me! XXX.