Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Holy crap

As noted in my last post, I'm pretty much failing second year.

Got all my midterm results back now -
Psychobiology: D+ (49.5% of overall grade)
Research methods: C- (about 24% of overall grade)
Personality psychology: D+ (about 30% of overall grade)
Social psychology: A- (about 40% of overall grade)

Wait, what?


Couple that with my A for my assignment I've already done, and the assignment that I have to hand in this week that I'm pretty confident I can get at least a B in, and I'm on track for at least a B in that module. Which is more than I wanted (works out as a high 2:1)

Even better is the exam was split in half; 50% multiple choice and 50% essay. I got a C- on the multiple choice section with 24 out of 32 questions correct. Which means my essay must have been an A*. I've never got an A* for an essay before!


  1. Ah I know how you feel, I bummed last year spectacularly and now I'm working my ass off so I don't fail my whole course. I hope things keep on track. (Btw A=WOW) Good Luck <3