Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas photos...

None of people, I'm afraid. Just presents given and received. This might be a bit boring but it's a means of procrastination...

First off, presents I received from my parents (a few things are missing)
From the left hand side to the right, back to front;
- Large black overnight/weekend bag, which has some lovely (full sized, which is rare for gift sets!) Mandara Spa toiletries in. Gonna use this when I go visit my boy :)
- Dr Who Monopoly set
- Paperchase box (not a present) holding all my stocking fillers. Photo of them coming
- Hand made hot water bottle, my sister did everything on this herself apart from making the material and the actual hot water bottle.
- Set of organising books including a birthday book, an address book and a yearless diary
- Tea time cookie cutter set :D
- Ruby make up gift set, looks lovely but I haven't had a chance to have a proper look at it yet.
- Books; 'The cat who came for christmas' by Cleveland Amory which I've started but not got much into yet. Not my normal type of book but it's a pleasant read so far. Big book of cocktail recipes, again not had much of a read yet but it looks awesome on my flicking :D and Christopher Ransom's 'The people next door'. I haven't even read the blurb on this but for what I gather it's either a mystery or horror book. Should be decent!
- Inbetweeners Yearbook and DVD, gonna watch it with my Dad tonight maybe.
- China horse that goes with the two I got for my 21st and my christmas presents last year. It's very pretty :)
- Joggers, standard!
- PJs, again, pretty standard. Long sleeved which is great for me :)
- Cat trinket box thing, it's cute. From a German market I believe... will probably use it for jewellery as I currently have mine laying around at uni
- The four little black boxes contain a pandora *style* necklace and a few different beads to go on them. They're not expensive ones (as said by my Mum!) so I can wear them out and about and not worry about them. Perfect.
- Not pictured; massive light up make up mirror from No. 7. I'm in love with it!

Close up of the water bottle that I am in love with...

In my stocking was...

Lots of toiletries, some chocolate, a little purple tea light holder that looks beautiful when you put a light in (my mum has an orange one downstairs and it is really lovely) and a few little knick knack things. The magnet in the right corner says 'If at first you don't succeed, do it as your mother told you to' - my philosophy exactly ;) I also got a calendar and a pair of fluffy arm warmers in my stocking, but they're downstairs.

Lots of face masks in here! Happy about that, I really need to start a proper face care skin routine.

Now... sales shopping...

- Bag from H+M, £14.99 so not in the sale but I had a gift card for £30 from a relative so I used that.
- Make up bag/pencil case (undecided how I'm going to use it yet) from Paperchase
- Two boxes from Paperchase, the bigger one is going to have all my beauty products I think and the little one will sit on my desk with treats and sweets in *teehee*
- Going to put the tissue paper on my wardrobe wall to brighten my room up a bit
- Curling wand, wanted one for ages and this was half price at £20.49 so thought fuck it! It's a Babyliss one. From youtube videos I've come to the conclusion that 'Babyliss' in the UK is 'Conair' in America. Or, at the very least, the two curling wands are exactly the same. I've been experimenting with it and have yet to do it to a satisfactory level but I am getting better.

And now for the giving... only one picture unfortunately, and it's not all nicely bordered like the others, but this is the hamper I made my mum (I made my sister and her fiancĂ© one too, it was blue and gold instead of purple and gold).

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got what you hoped for. Have a happy new year guys, I'll be back soon I think. 


  1. Wow, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.
    I am so glad. :)
    I hope things are going well for you.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  2. I have that wand! Its amazing, I love it so much. Your presents look amazing! Hope you had a lovely christmas <3