Thursday, 4 November 2010

Turns out blogging is harder work than it seems

...As is staying on track. Sigh.
I blame the hormones; they are my excuse for the last week. I cut again. 70 days in recovery and I relapsed like a bitch. Horrible. At least three of them are definitely going to scar so that's going to suck! Oh well. Moving on.
Food wise I've been eating like a pig for the last week. Again, this is blatantly due to hormones. I always get hungry the week before my period arrives. Yay me! Double bloating. Sigh. Butttt generally I get 3 weeks out of 4 where I can control myself and either restrict or just not eat so it's all good :) Today I've done pretty well and stayed under 1000 calories, even having a can of Fanta (I normally only drink diet soft drinks; I have 5 cans of Fanta Fruit Twist left that are my 'rewards' today I've had one for not eating more than 600 calories).
A few rules:
I will no longer eat solid food between the hours of 6pm and 8am.
I will now only drink once a week. Clear spirits only.
I will no longer sit and eat an entire packet of chocolate fingers in half an hour.
I will only eat chocolate/crisps/sweets/anything not healthy when I cannot get out of it.
I will no longer buy the above.
I will do my stretches every day at some point.
Thinspo time:

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  1. omg periods! i am exactly the same way right now... chocolate is calling out to me :(
    cutting is not worth it darling... try letting out your frustration with exercise or something less scarring. stay safe xo