Sunday, 7 November 2010

Learnt that lesson..

Don't leave your thinspo files in full view on your computer, people will find them. Sigh. Nothing's been mentioned though it's clear that the entire folder (which is a sub folder in a folder of pictures of me for progress) has been looked through... Eep. My fault for forgetting to hide it! ¬.¬
Anyway. Good day today :) Did a full three hours of cheerleading (I'm on the all girls team now :D Like I said before, it's not as serious as American cheerleading but we do games, pom dance and competition squad; I'll be doing as much as I can as I love it!)
Food wise, been very good today, sitting at about 650 calories and I'm more than happy with that :) Avoided eating all afternoon as I was at try-outs, and then I had half a kiev and a potato waffle with cheese on (I really must stop eating so much of it...) for tea. Two malted milks and a hot chocolate - Options, 40 cal - later and I'm done for the day. More than happy. Done lots of exercise and been out with my flatmates taking light photography, which didn't work particularly well but was cold and energetic so I'm ok with it. And it stopped me sitting in and just eating! 
Still incredibly stressed about tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday though. I hate exams. So much pressure.

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