Saturday, 6 November 2010

A mixed bag

Yesterday and today have been mixed bags really.

Yesterday was going great. I had two pieces of brown bread with Philadelphia light on for lunch and then stopped eating. I then... unfortunately... started drinking. Cider. Sweet cider. Toffee apple flavour to be precise! I'm estimating that I had at least 4 bottles, I opened 5 but I think at least one of them got drunk by my BF/spilt on me/spilt on the floor/tipped away as I'd got a bit light headed. I also had a cherry bomb in the club we went to but I'm not going to count that. Then, in true drunken madness style, I went to a fish and chip shop at the end of the night and ordered chips, cheese and gravy. What can I say? It was a stressful evening out! Some guy tried to start on two of my flatmates which sent me off into a panic so I didn't really have a chance to relax and enjoy the evening as I should have. I can not stand fighting, especially not fighting just for the sake of it, which is what he was going for. Literally, no joke, he was totally unprovoked in trying to start on my friends. I don't trust people in clubs any more. So yeah.

Yesterday was going well until the drinking started. After that, I reckon I went from 250 calories for the day to over 1600. My daily goal on MyPlate is under 1200, my personal goal is under 800. I feel sickened at myself. I didn't eat all the chips - only about half - but they were a big portion and COVERED in cheese and gravy sauce. How I managed to get it down my throat without throwing up I don't know. Disgusting. 

Anyway. Today has been good. Spent the morning in bed with the boy, spent the afternoon in the kitchen. He cooked us a lunch of sausages in rolls with cheese, very nommy. I also had the rest of the spaghetti that I opened the other night with some cheese in it. I really need to stop eating cheese! And a cup of tea. Mmmm tea. That's me done for the day! MyPlate says I've consumed 869 calories from that lot but it seems awfully high? Mmm I dunno. Who knows! I haven't had a chance to do any exercise yet but I need to go through the cheer dance a few times and then I'll do my stretches etc. But first I need to finish my revision! Exam on Tuesday and I've only been through a fifth of the content so far. It should take my mind off of food and last nights events though so I don't mind. Plus I love my subject and the stuff that I'm revising so it's not too much of a hard ship! 

I have cheerleading 'try outs' tomorrow (note, as I'm UK based and at university, it's not as stressful or competitive as the American side of things) - basically to put us all on a competition squad if we're good enough. I hope I am. Tumbling and dancing I can do; the stunting scares me. Eep.

Keep on trucking:


  1. Yesterday maybe wasn't so good, but sounds like today is going well, making up for it. And don't worry about the cheerleading; if you can tumble and dance, then you'll get in. Stunting isn't that hard. Especially if you're a flyer. You just get to fly (:
    Love xx.

  2. Unfortunately I'm a side base... Kinda important to be on the ball there! I'm pretty good at the whole not dropping people thing, it's the prep and getting people up to their position thing I don't get. Timing and co-ordination is not my forte!
    I'm on the all girls squad :) Which is a comp. squad, so I'm happy! Didn't foul up too bad and hopefully I'll get a chance to show off my tumbles in competition :)