Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Let's try a new tactic here...

I've figured something out. Something monumental.

When I eat in the morning, I will almost certainly binge and go over 2000 cals.

When I don't eat in the morning, but do eat, I tend to eat lots of junk or sugary crap that I shouldn't and then go close to 2000 cals. I feel guilty and I don't stop eating.

When I don't eat at all, until the point that the little voice in my head manages to convince me to eat something - even if it's just some celery or something - I can go forever without food. But the second I eat anything, that's it. Lost.

There we go then. From tomorrow, the fast starts. 3 days. Go! I'll be tracking my thoughts and progress here.


  1. good luck <3 fasts can be pretty gruelling but you just need to push through the wall.

    we're rooting for you >.<
    meet your latest follower :D

  2. that's the same with me! i've been finding it increasing difficult to find a middle ground... like, when it comes to eating, i have an all-or-none impulse. :(