Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Harder than it looks! 1/3

This whole water fast thing is really harder than it looks. I feel so weak and undeserving! I've not let anything other than water pass my lips for the last 16 hours and already I'm climbing the walls. I have cheerleading practice later right over tea time and plan to come back, watch some TV and get an early night so it's just the hard part of what to do with myself up until then!
I have to tidy my room and sort my clothes, shelf, food cupboard (yes, I have a food cupboard. I'm relying on it less and less now though) and I have a few assignments to do, so I should be kept busy. I sort of started sorting out my food cupboard the other day; threw out some chocolates that I really don't need and some rock that I got bought by a friend. Depending on how the next 3 days go, I may up it to a 7 day fast. This is mainly just to kick start my metabolism though, and to give me a bit of a boost!
I went to the grocery store today, I managed to stick to my list mainly, but I bought a lot of store cupboard items; nothing goes out of date before the second week of November (apart from chicken/bacon things, but they've gone in the freezer). Which is just perfect for my fast! I have a variety of low cal things now that can just sit in the fridge until I'm ready to eat them. When I deserve them... I also bought a shed load of diet coke, (32 cans!) and 6 litres of water. I'll need to get more water eventually but I'm pretty set now for coke, lol! I also bought as a little treat two small - 69 calorie - MilkyWay bars.
I'm really pleased with myself so far, it may not seem like much as it's just the first day but already I've resisted breakfast, free cheese in the supermarket (dairy - my downfall!), lunch, sandwich bites, cocktail sausages and various other little bits. My stomach keeps protesting but I know this is for a greater good :) I've also done a fair bit of exercise already, walking the shopping back took 20 minutes and I was nearly dying by the end, lugging over 10 litres worth of liquid up a hill, plus all the groceries I bought! Not something I wish to repeat in the future.
Some thinspo to remind me why I'm doing this again:

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