Saturday, 4 August 2012

I should stop looking into the past

But I can't. Meh. So without further ado, a retrospective look into my life now and my life 3 months ago (AKA living at home vs living at uni)

At home, I don't track calories actively. I try and keep a running total in my head, but that's it.
At uni I obsessively track everything I intake on MyFitnessPal. I had an 80 day streak...

At home I often eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
At uni I eat dinner. Sometimes.

At home I eat very little fruit.
At uni I go days with only eating fruit.

At home I visit websites about student money saving and facebook.
At uni I visit websites about weightloss and run a thinspo tumblr.

At home I exercise ~ once a month.
At uni I run three times a week minimum.

At home I drink once in a blue moon.
At uni I drink a few nights a week.

At home I can't update this blog much as I don't get much time alone.
At uni (or at least last year) I am alone for most of the day.

At home I weigh myself once a week.
At uni I weigh myself every day.

At home I seem to be losing weight (now 59kgs/9 1/2 stone/136lbs roughly)
At uni I can't do anything to make the weight go.

Back to uni in under two months. 7.5 weeks. I'm dreading it. I move into a house with 5 new people, the kitchen is four floors down and I know that I won't eat very much. I won't be able to. I just need to get through this last year and I'll be free of the shithole that calls itself my uni town. I'll be free.

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