Thursday, 9 August 2012


Do you see any difference between? What weight difference do you think there is in them?

I promised myself a while ago I wouldn't do these pictures any more but - I've been crying all morning because what I saw on the scale doesn't translate for me. Found the pictures on the left of the two above and cried some more because I see the same body in all four of these photos.


  1. Replies
    1. A stones worth? First pic is 10 stone 2, second pic is 9 stone 1. :( x

  2. I see a huge difference all over. Especially your stomach is much flatter in the second pic! This is great progress :D xxx

    1. Thank you, looking back today I can see a bit of difference in the first picture, but the second looks exactly the same still. Sigh. X

  3. DEF can see weight loss. Ur mind is playing games with you. Stay strong and keep it up!

  4. There is a difference, big time. Specially tummy and thighs <3