Sunday, 12 February 2012

I need to stop watching shows like The Biggest Loser

because it triggers me so much. For these reasons:

- Watching the numbers on the scale at the weigh in go down so fast (especially in the first few episodes)
- Seeing how hard they exercise
- Wondering about what they eat and how long they exercise for
- Looking at them as a form of reverse thinspo

Seriously, 22lbs weightloss in ONE week?! That's insane. 22lbs weightloss would take me to my UGW. In total each team lost 104lbs between them, that's the weight that some healthy people weigh. Fuck, some healthy people weigh less than that.

My brain just exploded. And now I want to work out until I throw up.


  1. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! Fuck I watch one guy loose 100lbs in six weeks! And I'm like.....I can't loose fifty pounds ever. I can't stand it and it makes me feel unworthy <3