Friday, 16 September 2011

Monday Monday...

On Monday I (hopefully) move into my new house and go back to uni... Diet and exercise regime starts. My plan is:

Morning swim 1 hr
Lectures 2 hrs
Gymnastics 2 hrs

Morning swim 1 hr
Lectures 3hrs
Gym 2 hrs

Lectures 2 hrs
Afternoon swim 1 hr
Cheerleading 2 hrs

Lectures all day (bleurgh!)
Gymnastics 2 hrs

Morning swim 1 hr
Gym 2 hrs

Afternoon swim 2 hrs

Cheerleading 3 hrs
Swimming 2 hrs

Gym is italicised because I'm not certain I'm going to join the gym, if I can afford it etc.

Food plan is, to begin with, following the amounts suggested by for each week. Lots of fresh veg, grilled chicken, water! Going to drink at least 1.5l of water a day. No arguments. Only tea is included (but not officially counted) as well as water. I have a nice new water bottle that I want to fill every morning (it's only 500ml) and drink in lectures, then refill when I get home (obviously on Thursdays I'll just take a massive bottle in the first place!).

No idea what my start weight is... Small problem as I need it for the calculator. But I'm too scared to weigh myself :( I've definitely gained as I only have one pair of jeans left that fit me. Fucking fat fuck. Also too scared to try on my cheerleading uniform which I *have* to wear three times next week.

On the one hand I'm excited to go back and control my life, get back into exercise and cheerleading/gymnastics especially! But on the other it means leaving my BF and only seeing him once/twice a month - from seeing him every day as we live together currently. I plan on having mini goal weights that coincide with seeing him and we'll see if he notices :p I know when he goes back he wants to be healthier and lose some weight too so it'll be good to see the differences in us.


  1. awesome plan =D Hope you enjoy uni, don't forget to have fun inbetween all those classes and workouts!