Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I suck at updating

Sorry. Not much has been happening really... Moved back home from uni (well, almost) and I've got a few more assignments to complete before Tuesday... eeeeeek... My BF now lives with me.

Last cheerleading comp. did not go well, we came last and messed up really badly. Our co-ed team were 10 points off of 4th place and a trophy though, they did really well! I'm starting gymnastics next weekend hopefully so I can learn more tumbling and be a better cheerleading.

Weight wise I'm still stuck at between 146lbs and 142lbs, I can never seem to get below 140lbs :( I hope that once I've got my assignments handed in and my exam at the end of May done I can crack down and get some weight shifted. I get so frustrated with my body, not just weight wise but also the scars. I have a beautiful dress that I want to wear for my BFs Dads re-marriage on Sunday but I can't because my arms are still scarred and horrible from the last time I S/Ied. :(

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