Friday, 6 July 2012

Pros and cons

I was just going to do a list of things I'm scared of right now but I should probably do some things I'm not scared of too...

Ok, so. First cos they're easier...

Things I'm scared of
- Getting older
- Nuclear war
- The apocalypse (which I seem convinced is imminent)
- Death of anyone close to me
- Leaving my house
- Zombies
- Leaving uni
- Going back to uni
- Dogs
- Having too much fun
- Getting fat
- Getting too thin
- Living
- Dying
- Going crazy
- Driving long distances
- Having to go to the same job day in day out for the next 45 years
- Being a parent
- Not being able to get to a toilet in time (ew)
- Being away from my house for too long
- Interacting with people I don't know
- My cats dying
- Moving away from home
- Being unsuccessful in my life
- Losing the man I love
- Exercising
- Being out of control
- Hurting someone I love
- Showering
- Self harming again
- Terrorism
- Eating
- Eating around people in a restaurant

Things I'm not scared of
- Spending time on the internet
- The Sims 3 (occasionally)


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  1. Being scared of things is normal, just try not to let it take over. <3