Thursday, 7 June 2012


Man, I need to stop abandoning you lovely people. I'm still surviving, existing.

The world scares me now.

I scare myself more than ever.

Uni is over for the summer. Last time I checked I was a solid 132lbs. I dunno if I still am... too scared to check.

'Meh' sums me up totally right now.

Drawing is fun now. So is making friendship bracelets (which I'm just starting out at doing and whilst they're not great, I hope to be able to make enough nice ones to sell a few at carboots over the summer. Maybe. Maybe not. They're fun to do anyway).

I don't like going outside. I don't like being away from my BF at all. Tomorrow he's got a work trial so I'm home alone for 8 hours for the first time since getting back from uni. I'm scared.

I've been hearing people whispering to me at night.

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  1. it's good to hear from you again! take care of yourself, xo.